Goal of the ergonomics is to create comfortably useable working appliances. This is of especially large importance for workstations.

At the ergonomics requirements to e.g. screens and its quality (display) are tested, as well as e.g. accessories like keyboard or mouses. For such working appliances there are requirements by the national ordinance governing VDU workplaces (Bildschirmarbeitsverordnung), as well as by European directives, which contain requirements to the workplace itself. For this mostly very extensive and partially very time consuming tests as well are necessary.

The requirements are also firmly anchored in the GS mark (if applicable) for technical working appliances.

Tests already in the stage of development are possible just as well.

Special, non-legal required test symbols are possible just as well in our house.

At this the technical tests are conducted inside our institute and referred to a third party certifier. Hence for example achieving a GS mark or others are possible. For this please speak to us directly.

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