Daily we use a multitude of different commodities / products, as well as technical working equipment. The product safety of these objects/products is a serious and fundamental element of the quality of a product.

Products, which are operated electrically and/or mechanically present a quite serious danger. This can be caused by an electrical shock or a mechanical danger by moving parts. Hence the safety of a product is one of the most qualitative characteristics.

Tests already in stage of development are possible just as well.

Special, non-legal required test symbols are possible just as well in our house.

At this the technical tests are conducted inside our institute and referred to a third party certifier. Hence for example achieving a GS mark or others are possible. For this please speak to us directly.

If your product category should not be contained, don't hesitate to speak to us directly. We can test a multitude of products or, in the case that we cannot test your product category, we can also recommend you other institutes.

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