at devices of the information and telecommunication technology

Devices for the information processing and communication increasingly find their place at many workplaces. At office workplaces the protection against high volume, up to hearing endangering noise, is often neglected. The influence of operation noises, which are emitted by office devices, possibly lower the concentration and the performance of the employees. Due to this reason the manufacturers are requested to design the products as low-noisee as possible.

The measurement of operation noises is summarised in the stadard DIN EN ISO 7779 ‚Acoustic noise measurement at information and teclecommunication technology‘. These verifications are requested for environment markings such as e.g. ‚Blauer Engel‘.

The company Obering. Berg & Lukowiak GmbH offers accredited services such as the determination of sound power and sound pressure level of noise sources and measurement of the noise emission at devices of the information and telecommunication technology.

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